Credit Score range

Your credit score helps lenders determine how much you can borrow for a vehicle and what your interest rate will be. Fill out the form below to find out your credit score range.

Unlock the mystery of your credit score

Thinking of applying for a car loan? Your FICO® Auto Score is a key piece of info you’ll need. Fill out the form above and get your score ASAP.

It’s free

There’s no need to purchase your credit report to find out your FICO® Auto Score. This lets you access your score at no charge.


Your FICO® Auto Score is different

The credit score you can access through sites like is a generic score — it’s not the same as the FICO® Auto Score you’ll get here. Auto lenders need to know your specific FICO® Auto Score to gauge your creditworthiness.


It won’t affect your credit

What good is requesting your credit score if the simple act of requesting it dings your score? Be assured that when you fill out the form above, there will be no impact on your credit.


You’ll know what interest rate to expect

The higher your FICO® Auto Score, the lower the interest rate on your car loan, and the lower your monthly payments. No matter what your credit score, Lorem Ipsum will find you a loan that you can afford.