Does your car pass the cool test?

Does your old car smell like a dirty gym bag? Guzzle gas at the pump? Maybe, it has embarrassed you at work. If so, then it's time to get BACK TO COOL in a nicer, newer car today!

Bring us your old car, and we'll give you A LOT MORE than it's worth!

Hey we’re Michele Streets & Melissa Hanna from Rainbow Motor Sales. Summer was great for business! But soon cooler temps will drag down our sales. So this month, we're helping you get BACK TO COOL!

Worried about the credit history pop quiz? No need to cram for this exam! Our For the People® Credit Approval Process will help you make the grade with banks and lenders who want to get you approved.

Getting BACK TO COOL is easier than algebra! Where "Z" equals A LOT MORE than your old car is worth.

You deserve a car that's too cool for school!

But don't miss the bus!

Our BACK TO COOL event ends when we've helped 79 people get cool in a nicer, newer car.

We’re Michele Streets & Melissa Hanna and We’re a Dealer FOR The People.

Just give us a call at 517-279-7616 or type in your information below and we’ll get in touch with you.

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*Requires bank approval.